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Just a reading fool…

For my birthday a few months ago, my parents helped me buy an ereader.  I knew with a little one on the way, I’d need something to do while nursing (or any other activites that require the use of a hand or two).  I had a hard time holding books and nursing Dalton, so I thought an ereader would be a good thing to get.  I didn’t have the money to get a Kindle, but I found this one (although I think mine is maybe a little bit older model, since it looks like this one now has the B&N app instead of Kindle) made by Pandigital that had the Kindle app on it (plus gets online and other various applications).  I am loving it, especially since I found this awesome website called Pixel of Ink that lists books from Amazon that are free (sometimes free just for an hour or so).  I’ve downloaded so many books for free, and am finding myself reading ones that I think I would pass up in paper form.  They have a sister site for Christian books called Inspired Reads, and I’ve found some good ones on there, too.  I think I’m downloading a book (or two, or three) a day from these two sites, and have no shortage of things to read now.

I just finished a book and wanted to share the link, in case someone else wanted to check it out (I highly recommend it!)–Keep Mama Dead, by S. James Nelson.  Now to pick my next book to read….  Happy reading everyone!

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Family Traditions

“I can’t wait to go to the fish fry.  I can’t wait to help Papa crush cans there.”  I heard this over and over all day today.  Dalton has been so excited for Lent to start, because he knows that’s when we go to the fish fry.  I was thinking on that today–I have been going to the same fish fry my entire life (or most of it).  It’s a time to get together with extended family, eat some good food (most years), and chat with old friends.  It’s been the same routine for as long as I can remember.  I remember as a child playing while the family chatted, or going into the bar (my, how times have changed!) to visit with Uncle Harry, who would always buy me a root beer (served in a frosted mug, of course).  In my teen years, when I was bored there, I’d walk up the street to the farmer’s market type of store (which is now Dalton and Alyanna’s pediatrician’s office) to get a drink or something different to eat.

Over the years, Dad has always cleaned the tables (some things never change), and had a “helper” close by–first me, then my nephew Tony, and now Dalton.  Watching Dalton follow his Papa around, helping clear tables, crushing cans (the highlight of his evening), pulling out the tickets for split the pot, chatting with everyone, it amazes me to realize that this is one of our family traditions.  It’s a great chance to spend quality time with family that we don’t see nearly enough.  It’s laughter, smiles, and embarrassing stories (that will never die).  It’s something that we will miss if the VFW stops doing it.  It’s amazing to think that Dalton is growing up doing the same things I did, and I look forward to Alyanna being old enough to look forward to this yearly tradition.

So, how did Alyanna spend her first fish fry?  Curled up in Aunt Beth’s arms, sound asleep.  A great way for her to be introduced to this wonderful tradition.

Aunt Beth and Alyanna

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Our Month In Review (In Pictures)

After getting frustrated over and over again, trying to get a slideshow in my sidebar, I finally figured out how to put one on my blog.  I have set up a page called “Our Month In Review (in pictures)” that I will update at the beginning of each month with photos from the previous month.  Check it out by clicking on the link in the sidebar, or clicking here.  Enjoy!

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You know you homeschool when…

Your son’s favorite show is Storm Chasers, and he builds his very own “TIV 3” (Tornado Intercept Vehicle) out of Legos….and it gets counted as science and art.  🙂

Dalton and his TIV 3

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I guess it’s blogging time

My husband keeps telling me I should get a blog, and I’ve finally decided to give it a go.  I’ve tried to keep blogs at different times in my life, but none have kept my interest.  I’m hoping by not making this blog about anything in particular that I’ll keep up with it.  Only time will tell, I guess.  No idea really what I’ll write about, but I’m sure I’ll figure out something.  My passions are:  being a mommy, being a wife, knitting, homeschooling, cooking, teaching my preschool class, plus many more, so I’m sure they’ll all be showcased at one time or another on here.  I will close with a photo of two of the most important people in my life–my children.

Two of my favorite people in the world

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