A glimpse into my life

Back to work

on March 5, 2012

I started back to work today.  I can’t believe Alyanna is six weeks old already.  Mixed emotions is definitely how I would describe how I was feeling about going back to work.  I’ve missed my kids so much, so I was looking forward to seeing them again, yet I was sad about having to leave my family (since I’ve gotten use to being home with them).  Luckily, I only work half days, so that makes it fly by so quickly, and my coworkers and director are awesome.  My kids were so excited that I was back–I think my entire room (me included) were all smiles all day long.  They had a blast telling me everything they learned while I was gone.  I can say I absolutely love my job.  🙂

Dalton wrote about me for his handwriting practice today.  It almost made me cry!  “I feel sad that Mommy went to work.  She is the best Mommy in the world!  I love my Mommy the best! (except God).


I also have to share something I find very funny.  Alyanna absolutely loves the mobile over her crib.  She’s not sleeping in her crib yet, but we put her in it throughout the day.  I always ask her if she wants to go see her “friends,” and I swear she lights up!  She loves to watch them, and she’ll coo and smile at them.  I think she misses them sometimes and cries to see them.  Who knew a mobile could be so much fun?


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