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Laundry Detergent–Update

Wow, I flew through the laundry detergent I made, but I guess that’s what happens when you have a rusted clogged tub pipe, ant infestations (persistent little buggers, even finding the one sucker that was sitting in it’s wrapper in my sons room….), flooded kitchen, and a deep cleaning happen all within a span of a week (give or take a day or two)–every towel in the house got washed at least 10 times it seems.  Also, that probably explains why I feel like I’m due for a nervous breakdown.  🙂  I cannot say enough good things about the laundry detergent I made–it works great!  I use a tablespoon in each wash, and it seems to be the perfect amount.  I start the washer with hot water, just enough to get it piping hot (ours heats up really quickly), then fill a little plastic cup with water.  I then turn the washer back to cold for most laundry loads.  I put the detergent in the cup of hot water, stir it around to melt the soap a bit, and then dump it in the washer.  The detergent is cleaning our cloth diapers wonderfully, and Alyanna is having no reaction to the soap (yay!).  I would say my laundry detergent is a hit!  Not to mention a lot cheaper.

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What cleaning supply should I try to make next?

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