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Why didn’t anyone tell me?

grilling our hobo stew and corn on the cob

Why didn’t anyone tell me how awesome it is to grill out?  I have absolutely fallen in love with grilling out.  What started as a way to not heat up our house during the heat wave has turned into (as my husband would probably say) an obsession.  My gamma had a grill that hasn’t been touched in many years, so she told us to take it.  All it needed was a little TLC (and lots of elbow grease) to get it looking brand new!  I wish I had grabbed it last year when we moved into this house.  We’ve used it each weekend now (I’d be using it every night, but it’s hard to grill and watch the little one).  So far I’ve made:

  • burgers (of course), with seasoned salt and minced garlic mixed in
  • quartered a chicken (first time ever!) and used the Trinidad Lemon Garlic Marinade from the Spice House (leftovers were turned into a very tasty chicken salad for lunches)
  • corn on the cob (only caught one on fire since I didn’t keep re-wetting the husks)
  • Hobo Stew (as we called it growing up)–burger, carrots, onions, potatoes, whatever else you want tossed in a foil packet
  • sliced potatoes, with butter and Grippo’s Bar-B-Q seasoning in a foil packet
  • baby carrots with honey and brown sugar in a foil packet

yummy hobo stew and corn on the cob

Tonight we’re making hot sausages with green beans, and tomorrow night we’re going to try to cook pizzas.  I’ve heard peaches are good on it, so I might toss a few of those on, too.

What are your favorite things to grill out?

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This month in review

Busy month, but here’s a few photos from the month of June.

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A post my husband shared yesterday on his blog, and I just want to share it on mine.


I just had to share this picture, taken by my wife today, while Dalton and his friends Ava and Hayden played in the little pool we have (a gift from his Aunt Judy). I absolutely love how the camera caught water in mid-air.

And today, bonus pics:

How exactly my wife managed to get such amazing pictures today, I am not certain, but I thank her very much for letting me post them here tonight.

I hope you are well, friends, and I will write again soon.

[edited post to reflect proper attribution of the gifted pool — sorry about that!]

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