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Preschool DIY’s

I’m a preschool teacher (3 year olds–love them!!), and our school year just ended.  Since I have the summer off, I figured I’d work on getting stuff ready for next year.  I found this awesome website, Teach Preschool, that has given me numerous ideas of what I want to make for my classroom for next year.  I thought I’d share some of what I’ve been up to.

Kool-aid scented rice:

I followed the directions found here, and made up three scents of rice–pink lemonade, blue raspberry, and lemon-lime.  I love the way they smell, and they dried very quickly.  I’m looking forward to using these in my classroom.  I’ll be making more scents of these as the summer goes on.  I think they will be great for sensory play, and for use in many art projects.

Light Table:

I’ve been wanting a light table for my classroom, but they are so expensive to purchase pre-made.  I decided to google it, and found quite a few directions on how to make one (here’s the one from Teach Preschool).  Mine is made out of a clear scrapbook paper plastic box that I frosted the lid, painted the inside bottom with silver metallic paint, and painted the outside in black paint.  I put a strand of garden lights in it, and it works great.  I know my kiddos are going to have a blast playing with it.  I tossed some of my scented rice on it for the photo.  🙂

Art daubers:

I love doing dot art, but don’t do a lot of it since the daubers are so expensive (unless I hit up the local bingos).  I never thought about making my own, but this post showed me it could be done.  I had a really hard time getting the makeup pads to stay on, so I modified it by putting a piece of flannel fabric over it to help secure it.  I’m hoping the kids have as much fun playing with them as I did.


Magnets are always fun to play with.  I loved this set of magnetic sticks, and made up a set. Now I just need to figure out how to turn the back of my book area (or the back of one of my toy shelves) into a magnetic board (and the other one will be made into a felt board).

These are just some of the things I’ve been working on so far (and preschool has only been out a few weeks).  My class is going to rock so much next year!


Kids in the kitchen

Making tortillas

I believe the earlier kids are allowed to help in the kitchen, the better cooks they will be.  I know a few adults who were not allowed in the kitchen as children, and they have no desire to cook now.  Dalton loves being in the kitchen with me, and he’s already turning into quite the little chef.  He can follow a recipe and measure all ingredients.  One of the only things I don’t let him do yet is prepping items that need cut (I’d rather not see him chop off a finger or two).  He’s gotten a few small burns over the years, but it’s made him more aware in the kitchen, and has become more careful when dealing with the hot surfaces.  I look forward to Aly being old enough to help me out in the kitchen.  Sure, it can be messier or take longer when kids are helping, but the benefits they get from learning how to be in the kitchen are worth it.  Plus, what a way to get some family time in!

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This Month In Review

Wow, I can’t believe May has come and gone!  It was a very crazy month here between ant invasions (they are persistent little buggers), Shyla (the dog) eating a burp cloth and having to have surgery, David going up to visit his father (who has cancer), and me finishing up the school year with my preschool kiddos.  So here’s a look back at a few of the photos from the month, and hopefully June provides me with more opportunities to update.


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Back to work

I started back to work today.  I can’t believe Alyanna is six weeks old already.  Mixed emotions is definitely how I would describe how I was feeling about going back to work.  I’ve missed my kids so much, so I was looking forward to seeing them again, yet I was sad about having to leave my family (since I’ve gotten use to being home with them).  Luckily, I only work half days, so that makes it fly by so quickly, and my coworkers and director are awesome.  My kids were so excited that I was back–I think my entire room (me included) were all smiles all day long.  They had a blast telling me everything they learned while I was gone.  I can say I absolutely love my job.  🙂

Dalton wrote about me for his handwriting practice today.  It almost made me cry!  “I feel sad that Mommy went to work.  She is the best Mommy in the world!  I love my Mommy the best! (except God).


I also have to share something I find very funny.  Alyanna absolutely loves the mobile over her crib.  She’s not sleeping in her crib yet, but we put her in it throughout the day.  I always ask her if she wants to go see her “friends,” and I swear she lights up!  She loves to watch them, and she’ll coo and smile at them.  I think she misses them sometimes and cries to see them.  Who knew a mobile could be so much fun?

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You know you homeschool when…

Your son’s favorite show is Storm Chasers, and he builds his very own “TIV 3” (Tornado Intercept Vehicle) out of Legos….and it gets counted as science and art.  🙂

Dalton and his TIV 3

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